Arshiya Sethi

Arshiya Sethi has been a media professional for the last 35 years, starting with


  • Trained in speech by the old guard on All India Radio, including the legendary Melville D'Mello.
  • For almost thirty-five years Arshiya  has been doing interviews and features for All India Radio in addition to music programmes.
  • Sought after for live broadcasts from Parliament House and for VIP events including the Republic Day parade on Rajpath, and other such ceremonial occasions


  • A pioneer English presenter on the National Television, Arshiya has created a unique position for herself.
  • Hosted and researched the only nationally telecast preview programme on the arts, in India.
  • For the past three decades, she has hosted programs of archival value in the performing and traditional arts including the National Programme of Dance and Music.
  • Arshiya Sethi is frequently called upon to interview maestros as part of the recordings that are kept for future generations.
  • Culled out of these rare archival recordings, the National TV Channel has embarked on a process of creating collector's item VCDs for which she has written the accompanying literature.
  • Part of the experts called in periodically by the Archives of Doordarshan, for asset management initiatives..


  • Arshiya has had the distinction of being the youngest Dance Critic for the national daily The Times of India, between 1987-1991.
  • Over one thousand reviews and articles constitute a large body of her work.
  • A popular commentator on the arts and allied subjects at seminars, conferences, and academic forums, she has several papers and journal articles to her credit.
  • Arshiya has also edited the Kalyani, the newsletter brought out by the Development Communication Division of Doordarshan, based on the Kalyani Health initiative that addresses public health issues in nine states of India that have the poorest health indicators, and covering 50 % of India’s population.
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