Arshiya Sethi

  • Masks and Myths in Indian Performing Arts [ Details ]
  • Aesthetically Speaking: Classical Dance in India [ Details ]
  • Modes of Production: Patronage and the Arts [ Details ]
  • Framing Expression: Abhinaya in Indian Dance [ Details ]
  • Rasa Swadan: The Savoring of Sentiment in Indian Arts [ Details ]
  • Varna- The Resonance of Colour [ Details ]
  • Poetic Quotient in the Performance Arts [ Details ]
  • The Seen and the Performing Indian Art [ Details ]
  • Negotiating an Agenda for Contemporary Performing Arts: Locating coordinates in India
    [ Details ]

Arshiya SethiPrevious Lectures & Papers

  • Oct 2005 - Paper presented at the All India Sociology Conference in Jammu , India
  • August 2004 - Paper presented at the International Conference of the Congress on Research in Dance (CORD) at Taiwan on “National Culture and Regional Culture: the Case Study of Sattriya”.
  • April, 2004 - Lecture on “Sattriya: The Classical dance of Assam ” at the New York Public Library, Ney York, NY.
  • Between February 2004-April 2004, Sethi lectured on:
    • “An Agenda for the Performing Arts Today”- University of Minneapolis
    • “ Varna the Resonance of Colour” at University of Pennsylvania and Pace University New York (This was at the invitation of the Fulbright Alumni Association New York)
    • “Rasaswadan” at Carnegie Melon University
    • “Myths and Masks in the Performing Arts of India ” at the University of Chicago and
    • “Salient Features and new Trends in Indian Dance at Barnard College , Columbia University , New York
  • January (2003) - Deliver the 6th Memorial Ambika Giri Lecture in Guwahati, Assam, India, on "Challenges before Sattriya Today".


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