Arshiya Sethi

Varna- The Resonance of Colour

This lecture is an interesting multi media exploration of colour at three levels- Physical, symbolic and metaphysical. We see colour everywhere and take it for granted. Little do we wonder why only that colour works? Popular paint companies often use the line “ Whenever you see colour, think of us”. This lecture tells you “whenever you see colour, think!”

Using visuals from a variety of sources, the lecture explores the close connection that we have with colour in our everyday life. Why do brides wear red in India? Why is Krishna called Shyam? What is the meaning behind the colours a Kathakali dancer uses in his make-up? Why do the Gujaratis greet each other by saying “Saras chhe”? Why do we have wedding songs that talk of the “rangrajiya”? What is the root of the Hindi word for colour?

It uses the speaker’s love for the arts, living culture, customs traditions, folklore and nature to provide the visual connects. It also uses poetry from scriptures, universally loved texts and “sufiyana kalams” to drive home the point that our worlds –the internal and external abounds in colour. Just look around you and deep inside you to know it.

Time: 90 minutes

AV Requirements:

  1. Laptop or Computer to play CD's
  2. LCD/DLP Projector
  3. Screen
  4. Microphone
  5. White Board, Markers and Duster
© Arshiya Sethi