Arshiya Sethi

Rasa Swadan: The Savoring of Sentiment in Indian Arts

This workshop is designed and presented by Arshiya Sethi, to facilitate the understanding of the Classical Performing Arts of India, particularly Indian Classical Dance and Theatre.

The purpose of all classical art is two fold.  At one level it is a method of expression and communication, essential attributes of a gregarious Man.  At the other it serves to extend our life experience.  Through the depiction of events, situations and emotions that we do not undergo ourselves but which, through the stylized and aesthetic expressions of art, we get to taste, we can savour and reconcile ourselves to them.

The ancient Indian theory of Rasa, is the subject of the workshop “Rasawadan”.  All artistic expression is built on Rasa, which is the tool by which we can make effective communication and in the process be transformed and transform the audience.

The purpose of the Workshop is also two fold.  Firstly it attempts to demystify this theory so as to enhance to pleasure of the “Rasika” or the connoisseur, who contemplates on the echoes of meanings in works of art.

Secondly it is a guide to strengthen the hand of the one who creates new works-rooted as it is, in an enduring theory of aesthetics.

The workshop would benefit students any style of Indian Classical Dance, dance students in general, theatre people and those curious about ancient Indian thought and the arts.

:: Detailing the Workshop::

Areas Covered:

  1. Definition of “Rasa”.
  2. Differentiating between the Savouring and the experiencing of Rasa.
  3. The “Rasa Sutra” – a simple formula.
  4. The four modes of “Abhinaya” and their practical usage.
  5. The reinforcing factor of “Sanchari Bhava” in the establishment of “RasaS”.
  6. Exploring the Navrasa.
  7. Understanding related concepts of Ekaharya Abhinaya and Parkaya Pracesh.
  8. Distinguishing between Natyadharmi and Lokadhami and between Margi and Deshi.
  9. Understanding the development and subtitles of “Bhava Batana”

Time: 180 minutes

Ideal group size: 40-50

AV Requirements :

  1. Video Player
  2. TV Screen
  3. Videoscope (if group size is large)
  4. Slide Projector
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