Arshiya Sethi

Negotiating an Agenda for Contemporary Performing Arts-Locating coordinates in India

This subject excites the imagination as it combines modern elements of Arts Management, Audience Engagement with the arts, and the Dynamics of Sponsorship in India today. Home to the world's most ancient performance text, proud possessor of the longest unbroken tradition of performing arts, and yet in dealing with the here and now, India's Art has to react to the concerns and pressures of the times of globalization. How does this impact the aesthetics, image and traditional performing patterns of the Arts in India? Is there a congruency between the arts and the reality of India? To answer some of these questions, Arshiya draws upon her quarter century intimate association with the Arts, as Arts Manager, Scholar, Critic and Practitioner, to enrich a hard hitting  multilayered exposition with anecdotal information, that is available “only if you come from the inside"

Time: 60 minutes

AV Requirements:

  1. Microphone
  2. White Board, Markers and Duster
© Arshiya Sethi