Arshiya Sethi

Modes of Production- Patronage and the Arts

The high point of any civilization is contained in the artistic expressions of its people. Art is celebratory in nature, yet by its nature art celebrated is art that is elitist. Is the artistic impulse democratic? Or is the creation of art seen as a specialist enterprise. How and why are some chosen to embody art? Who makes what and at whose behest. Is art about unbridled creativity, or is it a toss up between beauty and truth. Can the creation of art be free of agenda? Do the means of production in the arts come with or without an agenda? How does the art creator negotiate the distance between two diametric ideologies in the creative process?

This lecture recognizes the two masters of the creative process and the politico-economic substructure that supports the artistic superstructure.

Time: 90 minutes

AV Requirements:

  1. Laptop or Computer to play CD's
  2. LCD/DLP Projector
  3. Screen
  4. Microphone
  5. White Board, Markers and Duster
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