Arshiya Sethi

Framing Expression: Abhinaya in Indian Dance

The soul of Indian arts lies in the expressional aspect of the performative technique. The principles that govern this aspect are delicate and nuanced, which is why to the uninitiated it appears effortless. Yet very strict codes dictate the canons of Abhinaya- literally the intense internal travelogue of emotions and sentiments.

The relationship of the thought and gesture, word and movement, idea and expression all come into play in the tapestry of emotions, sometimes stated, sometimes symbolized and sometimes suggested, in the canvas of abhinaya.

The language of hand gestures, of costumes, of words, of make-up and of the inner power landscape the poetic thought contained in dance, theatre and painting.

The speaker uses a collection of Video CDs to demonstrate the different features and explain this complex area of the Indian performing arts.

AV Requirements:

  1. Laptop or Computer to play CD's
  2. LCD/DLP Projector
  3. Screen
  4. Microphone
  5. White Board, Markers and Duster
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